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In the world of business, every dollar saved counts towards profitability, which means leveraging cash back rewards can be a strategic move to maximize your financial gains. Whether you prefer the tactile feel of a physical debit card or the convenience of a virtual one, these tips will help you squeeze the most value out of your spending and boost your bottom line.

  1. Understand the rewards program. Having a comprehensive understanding of the cash back program offered is always the first step in maximizing your rewards, such as how to qualify, what is considered a qualified purchase and how to redeem rewards. You can find the answer to all these questions about our cash back rewards program in our FAQs.
  2. Optimize everyday spending. Small, consistent spending can accumulate significant cash back over time, so make sure you’re using your Grasshopper Business Debit Card for all your everyday purchases, such as food, gas, travel, materials, equipment, office supplies, etc.
  3. Add your debit card to your mobile wallet. By adding your Grasshopper Business Debit Card to your favorite mobile wallet, you can ensure that you’re using the right card for as many purchases as possible, even in-person contactless ones.
  4. Pay your bills. Beyond everyday expenses for your business, anytime you have the opportunity to pay for bills online or with your physical debit card, you also have the opportunity to earn rewards. This includes paying for utilities, operating expenses, service and maintenance, marketing and, advertising, memberships and associations, as well as professional fees.
  5. Don’t forget recurring transactions. Oftentimes, people forget exactly how many subscriptions and recurring transactions they have. If you’re one of those people who like to keep your payments on autopilot, make sure the right card is selected, and you’re channeling all possible business expenses through your Grasshopper Business Debit Card
  6. Combine with other rewards apps. When it comes to our cash back rewards program, we don’t place limitations on how much or where you can spend your money, as long as it’s legal of course. This means you can stack your savings by utilizing your Grasshopper Business Debit Card when you shop online using your favorite cash back reward apps.
  7. Leverage employee card usage. If applicable, establish a card program for your business by issuing virtual debit cards to trusted employees. Just don’t forget to ensure that their spending habits align with the needs of your business.
  8. Educate employees on cash back benefits. Ensuring that your employees understand the benefits of using their Grasshopper Business Debit Card may help give your cash back rewards a significant boost. You could even consider offering incentives for cost-conscious spending.
  9. Utilize online and mobile banking. Tracking your spending and rewards in online and mobile banking is a great way to stay informed and help you identify new opportunities to earn cash back.
  10. Review and adjust your strategy. Periodically reviewing your spending habits and adjusting your strategy can help you maximize the value of every transaction and turn the act of spending money into a source of savings.

Bottom Line

With strategic planning and informed decision making, your debit card can be a powerful tool for earning cash back. Ultimately, the more you charge to your Grasshopper Business Debit Card, the greater your rewards. However, this doesn’t mean spending more money than you have, it just means consolidating the spending that you’re already doing anyway.

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