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Sponsor finance solutions designed to get deals done

Innovative digital platform and team of experts dedicated to helping you seize diverse investment opportunities in the lower middle market

Forward-thinking solutionsDriving growth through creative & flexible financing solutions

  • Senior Secured Term Loans

    To support leveraged buyouts and subsequent add-on acquisitions

  • Senior Secured Revolving Lines of Credit

    To support working capital needs and general corporate purposes

  • Delayed Draw Term Loans

    To finance acquisitions, growth capital or deferred purchase price payments

  • Fund Capital Call Lines

    To bridge investments or other temporary funding purposes

  • Fund NAV Facilities

    To provide flexibility and improve returns backed by your fund's investment portfolio

Why partner with us?

  • Cashflow-Based Structuring

    At Grasshopper we primarily focus on creating cashflow-based loan structures to provide a transparent financial roadmap finely tuned to the unique revenue dynamics of your projects.

  • Exceptional Deal Execution

    When partnering with us, you get to work with a dedicated team of experts located nationwide who are proficient in underwriting and deal execution.

  • Industry-Agnostic Approach

    By transcending sector-specific constraints, we can help you tap into diverse investment opportunities and mitigate risks associated with economic downturns or volatility of particular industries.

  • Innovative Digital Platform

    In addition to our knowledge and expertise, we leverage our innovative digital banking platform to optimize and achieve operational efficiency across all elements of a transaction.

  • Unparalleled Portfolio Management

    As a strategic partner, we actively engage with you post-close to enhance your cash management capabilities and other banking needs while maintaining consistent and disciplined internal practices.

Our target criteria Focus on lower middle market companies

At Grasshopper we take pride in working with sponsors throughout the U.S. with diverse backgrounds and profiles while leveraging our extensive network to propel you towards your goals.

  • Loan Size

    Capital needs starting at $1 million – $3 million.

  • EBITDA Size

    EBITDA size starting at approximately $1 million

  • Annual Revenue

    Sustainable minimum annual revenue of approximately $8 million

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Sponsor Finance strategy at Grasshopper is not bound by any formal mandate restricting the types of institutions our team can engage with. We work with funded or unfunded private equity institutions, family offices, independent sponsors and subordinated debt lenders executing on direct strategies. No matter who our investment partner is, we look favorably upon an established track record of deal execution in the lower-middle market, relevant sector expertise, workout experience and ability to source capital post-close in support of a borrower’s growth or liquidity as needed.

  • When considering a client for Sponsor Financing, our team looks for the following characteristics:

    • Experienced sponsor with deep expertise in targeted sectors
    • Established history of profitability and strong, free cash flow generation
    • Diverse revenue generation among customers, product categories and end markets
    • Sustainable minimum annual revenue of ~ $8 million and EBITDA of ~ $1 million
    • Capital needs starting at $1 million – $3 million.
  • From receipt of initial materials to closing, a typical deal is completed within 6 weeks. However, under special circumstances, our deal professionals have executed transactions in less than 3-4 weeks.

    Our diligence process is efficient and underwriting is sophisticated. Unlike many commercial banks burdened by multiple layers of approval, our origination and credit teams work hand-in-hand throughout each stage of a transaction, ensuring timely communication among all parties and successful expedited approvals when needed.

  • At Grasshopper our network of investing partners is extensive. Oftentimes, we will structure debt facilities with third-party investors we know and trust to preserve dry powder for future growth of a given platform and/or bring in another bank/non-bank lender post-close when a borrower is seeking to make an acquisition or recapitalize its balance sheet. This is a discussion we have early on in the process with our clients to ensure not only an optimized cost of capital but a seamless transition to increasing debt facilities in the future.

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