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Grasshopper Bank will accept and offer exchanges for government-backed currencies only.

This means that Grasshopper will not:

  • Accept cryptocurrency for deposit
  • Store cryptocurrency
  • Offer exchange options for cryptocurrency
  • Trade cryptocurrency
  • Purchase cryptocurrency

Although we cannot store cryptocurrency in your Grasshopper account, it is important to have a place to store your purchase. Consider digital wallets like Coinbase or Gemini to safeguard your investment.

Once you have a place to store your cryptocurrency, you can fund your purchase using your Grasshopper Bank balance.

In order to purchase cryptocurrency with money from your Grasshopper Bank account, you will need to withdraw money before using it to carry out your purchase. If your digital wallet provider allows you to pull money from your Grasshopper account, we recommend using that option to avoid fees. To initiate a transaction, provide your digital wallet provider with your Grasshopper account number and our bank routing number (026015024).

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