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If there’s anything we’ve learned from the past two years, it’s that by embracing change and putting our minds to the task, we can solve any problem. My sources of inspiration are not only rooted in the exciting work that we are doing in the digital banking industry. What gives me hope for our future is how passionate, dedicated people can change the world — just look at what we’ve accomplished with the speed at which the medical community and pharmaceutical industry moved to get something done in months that used to take years. 

Passion beats out experience every time. In digital banking, this is also very much the case. The demand for digital technologies among consumers and businesses has intensified and they continue to be underserved by the traditional banking industry. The innovators and believers have responded and are building the future of banking.

To address the needs of our small business banking partners, we offer superior technology and the best talent in the industry. It’s this dynamic duo that is at the heart of digital banking. We know that technology skills are head and shoulders more important than any business acumen from days gone by. We can prioritize client needs by delivering the best technology with the best people executing on their behalf. 

At Grasshopper, our goal is to be the premier bank for the small business and innovation economy by providing a superior digital experience for our clients. To do that, we’re building a great company by attracting and retaining great people to the team, and we operate with a set of core values, where we have a client-first mindset, act with integrity and respect, and foster a culture of diversity through innovation and inclusion. 

Central to our business philosophy is building great relationships with our clients. Grasshopper strongly believes the future of banking is empathetic and inclusive. We work hard to deeply understand clients’ business, what they’re trying to accomplish, and how we can be an organization that helps them reach their goals. 

We also have it all. From venture capital and private equity to Banking-as-a-Service to commercial lending, we can meet your business needs. Our expanding technology offering and dynamic culture that embraces passion, a can-do attitude, and mutual respect, puts us in a unique position to deliver on our promises across many business lines. 

2022 will be another year of dramatic change, and we must embrace it. No matter the seemingly insurmountable obstacles in our path or probability of failure, we can achieve more than what’s considered possible. We believe that the future of digital banking is bright, with more focus finally making its way to the small business market. And we’re excited to be a bank solely focused on growing businesses and part of the solution.

Only Forward,

Mike Butler

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