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Here at Grasshopper, we pride ourselves in providing the best possible service to all of our clients. But don’t just take our word for it! We interviewed three of our fund and sponsor clients (Sway Ventures, ff Venture Capital, and Prysm) about their experience banking with Grasshopper so that you can see for yourself the kinds of positive feedback that we receive from our clientele. Here’s what they had to say:

How has partnering with Grasshopper helped you achieve your goals?


Sway Ventures: Grasshopper has helped with enabling the hyper growth of our business with new funds and AUM.

ff Venture Capital: The banking services are the backbone of what we do: moving money in a controlled and authorized way.  What we have found is that the team at Grasshopper not only is very helpful addressing questions we have, but really listen to us to work out how our needs can be addressed.

Prysm: Grasshopper offered the products and services that we needed. Following a due diligence process, we secured a credit agreement with Grasshopper for the firm, which allowed us to hire a team, invest in technology and build an infrastructure which led us to the successful closing of our Fund I, along with other co-investment structures. We closed a syndicated credit agreement for our Fund I with Grasshopper and another banking partner, which allowed us to bridge financing for investment acquisitions, provided flexibility and eased administration. Separately, we maintain many bank accounts at Grasshopper.  Quick and seamless account opening has allowed us to accommodate fast-paced investment timelines.


What do you like most about working with Grasshopper?


Sway Ventures: Grasshopper has a customer first attitude and a true understanding of our business, our business needs, and what makes us unique. They have a strong conviction of our model and why it matters. Demonstrated flexibility and agility when we need it. Amazing responsiveness. A pleasure to do business with all the way around.

ff Venture Capital: The people. The team at Grasshopper is amazing.

Prysm: In our partnership with Grasshopper, we find that accessibility, technology and extensive knowledge of our firm’s industry have been very important. Whether we have questions on our credit agreements, the status of urgent wires, distribution processes, the market or the most administrative items, Grasshopper is accessible, available and flexible. Grasshopper is tech-forward as demonstrated by their user-friendly banking portal, secure but easy log-ins, user profile and wire limits administration, mobile access and batch wire processing. Grasshopper is knowledgeable about our industry, understands how we operate as well as our financing and operational needs. We are transparent and they provide relevant and meaningful guidance, which is invaluable.


What would you say to others considering us?


Sway Ventures: You really need to consider Grasshopper when considering your options for banking and credit needs. 

ff Venture Capital: I highly recommend Grasshopper as THE bank to consider in the startup community. They are not too big or bureaucratic or too limited in their offerings. They are creative and responsive in their offerings, and they get startups and the venture space. Their people are top notch and the type of people you want to work with long-term.

Prysm: Grasshopper is an all-around great banking partner!


About the interviewees:

Sway Ventures is a US-based venture capital firm investing in early to mid stage technology companies. They invest in high performing teams, building revolutionary technology, creating the next enterprise or consumer category, providing the support they need to change the future. 

ff Venture Capital (ffVC) is an international venture capital firm investing across emerging industries, with a strong focus on FinTech, InsurTech, Applied AI, Drones, and Robotics. The ffVC team works actively with founders to develop products, target markets, and accelerate growth.

Prysm is a US-based venture capital firm that focuses on growth investments in the technology, consumer, and healthcare sectors. They partner with best-in-class entrepreneurs and management teams who are building disruptive and generational companies. 

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